Devotees performed Karkidaka Vavu (the new moon in the Malayalam month of Karkidakam) Bali rituals across the state on Monday.
Thousands of devotees thronged temples, river banks, and beaches in the state to pay obeisance (Bali) to their departed ancestors.
Temple priests are assisting the devotees to perform the rituals. Devaswom boards and concerned temple trusts have made arrangements with the support of the government.

Gopakumar, a devotee at Sree Irumkulangara Dhurga Devi temple, Thiruvananthapuram told ANI that he was performing rituals for his father who died 10 years ago.
“The preparations to offer ritual started yesterday, I observed ‘vritham’ ahead of performing the rituals. After this special meals will be prepared at home and will be offered to the ancestors along with all family members,” he said.
Another devotee Vijayakumar at Sree Irumkulangara Dhurga Devi temple said, “I observed ‘vritham’ yesterday and offering Bali here. Today early morning I reached here to offer Bali.”
As per Hindu beliefs, offering obeisance (Bali) to the departed souls on the new moon day of Karkidakam, the last month of Malayalam calendar that falls during July and August, helps them attain ‘moksha’ or, liberation. (ANI)