Yathindra Siddaramaiah, former Karnataka MLA and son of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, has stirred controversy after he made an objectionable remark against Union Minister Amit Shah, with the BJP hitting back at Congress.
Congress leader Yathindra Siddaramaiah on Thursday targeted BJP leader and Home minister Amit Shah by accusing him of being a ‘goonda, rowdy’.
“He (Amit Shah) faces murder charges in Gujarat. He has a background in criminal activities. But now, he is in a high position in the country,” he said on Thursday.
Yathindra’s statement drew severe criticism for his party from BJP leaders.
BJP leader Chalavadi Narayanaswamy said that the “rowdy culture exists in the Congress,” not in his party.
“This rowdy culture does not exist in the BJP. It exists only in Congress,” Narayanaswamy said.
BJP MP S Muniswamy, while taking a jibe at Yathindra, said that the latter is “frustrated” as he was denied a ticket from Mysore for the Lok Sabha elections.
“Siddaramaih promised a ticket to Yathindra from Mysore but didn’t give it to him. He is frustrated and that is why he is saying all this. He is a small kid and has no experience in politics. The more these people talk against the BJP and its leadership, the stronger the BJP becomes,” the BJP MP added.
BJP leader CT Ravi slammed the former Congress MLA and said, “He came to politics in the name of his father. Amit Shah is not like that. He worked as booth president at the booth level and then reached the top. He didn’t come to politics in the name of his father. Those who come to power in the name of their father behave like this.”
BJP leader N. Ravikumar, however, said that his party will lodge a complaint with the Election Commission and the police against Yathindra.
“Yathindra Siddaramaiah has used very inappropriate words for Home Minister Amit Shah. We will lodge a complaint with the Election Commission at 4pm today and we will also lodge a complaint with the police,” Ravikumar said.
He also asked Siddaramaiah to take action against his son if “he is running a fair and balanced government.”
BJP leader S Suresh Kumar said that such remarks by Yathindra can prove to be costly for his future in politics.
“Yathindra Siddaramaih is an educated person… Using words like these for the Home Minister can prove costly for his future in politics,” S Suresh said. (ANI)