Bharatiya Janata Party chief JP Nadda Wednesday urged voters to form a BJP government in the state again.
“Mitti Ka Haq Ada Karna Hoga,” (People of the state have to pay back to their land) said Nadda.

The BJP chief was addressing a public rally at Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh ahead of the state polls.

Hitting out at former Prime Ministers, Nadda said, “It has been 75 yrs of independence. Who used to care about us? At that time, Prime Minister used to come here for political tourism in summer season- never caring about or worrying about the state.” “Today, PM Modi stands with you whenever called,” he added.

Mentioning the issue of misconceptions spread ahead of elections, JP Nadda at the rally said, “A web of misconceptions is spread as elections approach. Quite often we get tangled in this web and due to this we divert from the main issues.”
BJP is making efforts to emerge victorious in the state.

Earlier on Tuesday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed a public gathering in the Bhatiyat constituency of Himachal Pradesh’s Chamba.

Shah emphasised the government’s developmental initiatives taken up earlier. “We have set up a medical park in Nalagarh which will give jobs to 10,000 people. We’ve also built the Atal tunnel that’ll promote tourism,” he said.

In his address, Shah slammed the Congress party for reducing the central government’s funds for Himachal Pradesh. “For the Central government schemes in Himachal Pradesh, Atal ji embarked on funding the government schemes with the ratio of 90:10, for instance in the Rs 100 scheme, the central government used to give Rs 90 rupees and the Himachal government gives Rs 10. But the Congress government reduced it to 60:40. People should ask the Congress Party what the public of Himachal had done that you changed the 90:10 ratio to 60:40,” Shah said.

“Today as Modi Ji’s government came, the ratio was again changed to 90:10,” Shah added.

Earlier in October, Bharatiya Janata Party National President JP Nadda asked everyone including the opposition Congress to come forward and extend support for the development of Himachal Pradesh.

Addressing the public in Bilaspur, Nadda advised the audience to vote for the one whom they feel is more concerned and sensitive towards their issues, regardless of the party.

“Do not look for BJP, Congress (while voting), see who is concerned about you. BJP is concerned about you. I would even ask Congress persons to come and support us. We are given the chance for (state’s) development, let us do, strengthen us. If I make roads, universities -will only people from BJP use them?” BJP national president said seeking “collective support” for the betterment.

He said he will not lay the foundation stone of the government’s Rs 103 crore project, for which the amount was sanctioned in just four days, till other steps are yet completed.

The state is all set to go to polls on November 12, the results of which will be declared on December 8. (ANI)