In a major incident of burglary in the national capital, thieves decamped with jewellery after creating a hole in the wall of the strong room of a shop in the Bhogal area with the owner stating that it had “jewellery worth around Rs 20-25 crores”.
Delhi Police said it was a “big incident of burglary” and that they were conducting an investigation.
Sanjeev Jain, owner of the jewellery shop in the Bhogal area which was burgled, told ANI that they closed the shop on Sunday and when they opened it on Tuesday there was a lot of dust in the entire shop. He said the CCTV camera had been damaged.

“We closed the shop on Sunday and when we opened it on Tuesday after an off on Monday, we saw that there was dust in the whole shop and there was a hole in the wall of the strong room… We think they (thieves) have looted everything. There was jewellery worth around Rs 20-25 crore. They entered from the terrace. Everything is damaged including CCTV. An investigation is underway,” he said.
The visuals from the spot showed a big hole in the wall along the staircase.
Rajesh Deo, DCP South-East, said they had accessed CCTV footage.
“It is a big incident of burglary. Investigation underway, CCTV footage accessed,” he said.
Police have registered a case.

Police sources said that the culprits had prior information about the shop and jewellery and knew how to reach the strong room. They said the thieves also knew about the electronic instruments.
The police sources said the way the burglary had been committed, it appears that the culprits had come to the place earlier to plan their act. (ANI)