Dewan Devi Higher Secondary School in Jammu organized a function on Saturday to celebrate the ongoing G20 Summit in India where the students made rangoli as an extension of their welcome for G20 foreign delegates visiting India and also expressed their happiness on the event.

The visuals showed the students of the school chanting ‘Vande Mataram’ and a welcome rangoli made by the students for G20 delegates.
Anjana Sharma, a student of Dewan Devi Higher Secondary School told ANI, “I am very proud as India has already fulfilled one achievement in the form of Chandrayaan-3 and now India is hosting G20. We would like to welcome the foreign delegates on this occasion…somewhere this is a proud moment for all of us as the participation (by India) in major events was not that much but it has changed now…”.

She further said, “All the students are really happy with this achievement and they have made a rangoli as well in the ground as a part of the celebration.”
Another student of the school said that India will be a superpower one day if the development in the country continues like this.

“This is a proud moment for all of us as India is representing itself internationally…if we continue developing our nation like this then India will definitely be a superpower one day,” she said.
India is hosting the G20 Leader’s Summit in the national capital at the newly inaugurated Bharat Mandapam on September 9-10.
The summit is being attended by more than 30 heads of state and top officials from the European Union and invited guest countries and 14 heads of international organisations.
India aims to achieve the twin objectives of adding the African Union as a member of G20 and resolving disagreements about a joint statement related to the war in Ukraine at the Summit.
During the presidency, India has focused on various issues like inclusive growth, digital innovation, climate resilience, and equitable global health access. By leveraging its presidency, India is fostering collaborative solutions that benefit its own population and contribute to the broader global well-being.
The countries taking part in the G20 Summit include Nigeria, Argentina, Italy, the AU (represented by Comros), and South Africa. Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Japan Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Korea, Egypt, Australia, the United States, Canada, China, the U.A.E, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey Spain, Germany, France, Mauritius, the European Union and Singapore. (ANI)