The Jammu and Kashmir People’s Justice Front on Tuesday organised a blood donation camp in memory of Mohd Maqbool Sherwani popularly called- “Lion of Baramulla”.
In 1947, Maqbool Sherwani managed to misinform Pashtun tribesmaen from Pakistan thus delaying their attempted invasion from Pakistan in Baramulla. In this manner, he played an important role in buying time for Indian Army’s Sikh Regiment troops who landed in Srinagar once the accession was accepted. Sherwani was killed by the tribesmen.
The Chairman of JKPJF Agha Syed Abbas Rizvi stressed that the “aim of organizing this camp was to highlight the significance of the sacrifice made by Sherwani for the cause of the Nation”.
“The story of his bravery, wittiness and subsequent killing of Maqbool Sherwani in 1947 during the Tribal raid orchestrated by the Pakistan Army needs to be propagated throughout India,” he said.
He said that Sherwani, then a 19-year-old has been credited with single-handedly stalling the advance of the tribal invaders to Srinagar-Budgam airport. He managed the feat by misinforming the invaders that the Indian Army was camping outside Baramulla and that a move towards Srinagar would be their undoing, Rizvi added.

“This heroic story needs to be disseminated to today’s generation of India and more so to those in the valley, many of whom may not be aware of such an event that could have altered the history of India,” he added.
The statement further added that the intensity of his loyalty and commitment towards his motherland made him so familiar in the popular circles that he attained the title, “Mujahid Sherwani” and “Lion of Baramulla”.
“His legacy continues to inspire the people of Kashmir, to this day, and he will always be remembered as a Hero of the Indian people. Central government should publicize and mainstream this tale of selfless sacrifice and utter heroism that is starkly
opposite to the attempted narrative by Pakistan and certain elements within
the valley where Kashmiris want freedom,” he added. (ANI)