The Jammu and Kashmir government organized a national-level skill development program to empower women in Kashmir.
The week-long programme was organized by the college’s Home Science Department in collaboration with the hostel management committee at Women College Srinagar, a constituent college of Cluster University.
The purpose of this programme was to inform participants about the creative expression of artistic talent and tradition so that they can get a proper platform to learn something unique that will help them to do something in future and earn their livelihood.

Apart from the normal education or degrees, it is mandatory in the new education policy (NEP 2020) that students should learn other job-oriented courses, especially belonging to entrepreneurship, to improve their future. So during this special programme, participants learn a lot which results in various products made including mixed vegetable pickles, garlic jams, quince jam, quince murabba, apple jam, glass painting and coaster art during the workshop.

During this week-long programme girls participated at a large scale and aimed to be independent in future and demanded such types of special programmes or workshops be continued in future so that more and more girls will get a proper platform to learn something and set up their units in future aimed to earn their livelihood and help others also.
Such programmes are crucial for empowering women, which is why their response to this programme was so overwhelmingly favourable.
The National Education Policy 2020 proposes various reforms in higher education as well as school education including technical education. A number of action points/activities for implementation in school education as well as higher education are mentioned in the National Education Policy 2020 to enhance the abilities of students to stand for their own livelihood. (ANI)