Gulmarg, a world-renowned tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir, turned into a winter wonderland with a fresh spell of snowfall on Sunday.
One tourist expressed his delight at the beautiful view, saying, “The weather is good. We have been waiting for this view for so long.”
However, another tourist pointed out the drawbacks of the snowfall, saying, “The weather is good for the tourists but it has several demerits, as we cannot move right now due to the road blockage caused by the snow.”
Gulmarg, which is one of the most incredible tourist destinations, is famous for its eye-catching view during the snowfall season as well as the season of lupine flowers, which usually begins in mid-June and lasts until the end of July.

During the snowfall season, people showcase their creativity by making snow sculptures.
Apart from its breathtaking beauty, Gulmarg is also famous for its winter sports. In addition to being the most popular tourist destination, it is also a skiing destination.

In February 2022, the world’s largest igloo cafe was opened in Gulmarg, grabbing the eyeballs of tourists.
A private company in Gulmarg also opened a glass igloo restaurant this year.

The place, which has a picturesque view, is also famous for St Mary’s Church, Maharaja Palace, Maharani temple, Gulmarg Gondola, etc.
According to the India Meteorological Department Srinagar, the temperatures recorded on Sunday at 8:30 am were as follows: -5.8 degrees Celsius in Gulmarg, 0.2 degrees Celsius in Pahalgam, 0.6 degrees Celsius in Banihal, and 8.8 degrees Celsius in Jammu.
In Srinagar, the temperature was recorded at 1.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday, a significant rise from the bone-chilling temperature of minus 3.5 degrees Celsius registered on the previous Friday morning.

Jammu, often referred to as the “Winter Capital” of India, transforms into a winter wonderland during the colder months. The city, nestled against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage that attracts tourists from around the world.
The famous Vaishno Devi Temple, perched high in the mountains, is a popular pilgrimage site that sees a surge of devotees braving the winter chill. (ANI)