To empower women in the Kashmir valley, the construction of the shopping complex in the Verinag area of the Anantnag district is underway.

The Municipal Committee Dooru is carrying out the work, and the project would cost roughly 70 lakh rupees.

This shopping complex is being built next to the Verinag Mughal Garden, the main tourist destination in the Anantnag region, which attracts thousands of foreign and local visitors each year.

Speaking to ANI, Mohammed Iqbal Ahanger, President of Municipal Committee Dooru Verinag said the project has been started to empower women locally under the guidance of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

Additionally, he said that after it is finished, the shopping complex will be put up for auction in order to help the area’s educated women and girls.

“This is the first municipal committee in the Kashmir Valley to build a shopping complex with a focus on women’s empowerment,” Ahanger said.
“The estimated cost of this project is 70 lakhs. It was supposed to be finished earlier, but owing to a land issue, there was a delay. This will be finished in the upcoming two months at most,” Mohd Yusuf Mir, Contractor of the project said.

Locals in the region applauded the authorities in Jammu and Kashmir for taking this action since it will promote women’s empowerment in the area.
Majid Ahmad, local resident said this is a fantastic project that will aid in educating women so they can find employment nearby.

“As far as women empowerment is concerned, there are many schemes for them. Following this, Municipal Committee Dooru Verinag also took this initiative in advancing women’s empowerment here in the valley,” Ahmad said.

“Women who are deprived of many opportunities in our area, this shopping complex will provide jobs for them,” he added. (ANI)