Baramulla police on Sunday said it conducted a massive crackdown on narco terror at various locations from Uri along the Line of Control (LoC) to other parts of Baramulla district over the last few days, arresting 318 drug peddlers while recovering huge consigments of drugs.
Pakistan-based handlers, as part of a conspiracy, are using smugglers to push narcotics into Jammu and Kashmir get the younger generation addicted to drugs, as per police.
Senior Superintendent of Police, Baramulla, Amod Ashok Nagpuri said, “Baramulla is a border district and cross-border drugs and weapons smuggling is big challenge for us. Over the last six months, Baramulla police registered 187 FIRs under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.”
“Around 284 drug peddlers were arrested and another 34 notorious peddlers booked under PIT NDPS/PSA. In total, 318 drug peddlers have been arrested, so far, and the law is taking its own course. The focus of this drive is to crack down on the drug culture in Baramulla district and our endeavour is to make Baramulla a drug-free district,” the SSP said.
The SSP said Pakistan’s aim to push drugs all over the Kashmir Valley, adding that “we will not allow nefarious designs of Pakistan t succeed. Recently, Baramulla police froze the properties, ncluding a house and a car, of notorious drug dealers”.
The SSP Baramulla informed further that dedicated teams have been deployed to gather crucial intelligence on the drug mafia operating in the region.
Acknowledging the urgent need to address rising drug-related crimes in the region, the SSP outlined the proactive measures being taken by the Baramulla Police to combat the drug trade in the district.
“We encourage citizens to come forward with any information they have with regard to drug peddlers or suspicious activities related to the peddling of narcotics. Together, we can build a safer and drug-free environment for our residents,” the SSP said.
“The dedicated teams deployed by the Baramulla Police comprise experienced officers and undercover agents, whose job is to discreetly gather intelligence on the drug mafia’s operations, networks, and supply chains. By infiltrating these criminal networks, the teams aim to gather solid evidence that will assist in effective crackdowns and bring the culprits to justice. Local residents have lauded this step taken by the Baramulla police,” the SSP added. (ANI)