An anti-drug awareness campaign (Nasha Mukt Bharat Campaign) was organised in Jammu’s Rajouri at GMC Government Medical College under the J&K Women’s Development Cooperation (JKWDC) with the aim of sensitising youth against the menace of drug addiction.
The campaign was attended by medical college students, women associated with JKWDC, and police officials.

The guest lecturers spread awareness about increased drug use among the youth.
One of the attendees, Tahira Khan, a para-medical student, said that the awareness campaign informed them about increased drug use among youth and how they could tackle it.

“We were informed about the increased indulgence of drugs in youngsters and even the women…police have been working relentlessly in this regard,” she said.
A JKWCD beneficiary, Dolly Sharma, said that they were really happy with the campaign being organized.

“We are really happy that drug-related awareness is being provided to women as well because it is a common perception that women are limited to household chores only so I would like to thank the administration for this campaign,” she said.
The campaign was attended by several doctors from various departments who also spoke at the event in order to raise awareness regarding drug use by the youth and how the issue can be tackled. (ANI)