Hyderabad Police seized 188 injection vials of the prohibited drug Mephentermine Sulphate in two different cases in Hyderabad on Monday.
The prohibited drug was seized from a gym in Cyberabad and from a businessman on Monday.
The gym owners were supplying it to their customers to boost endurance while exercising, according to Rajendra Nagar Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Jagdishwar Reddy.
But this can result in death due to high blood pressure and there are also chances of the collapse of the central nervous system, the police further informed.

The Police said that Mephentermine Sulphate is a prohibited drug and should be given only with a doctor’s prescription.
The police arrested the accused gym trainer Nitish Jaisingh (32) while the other accused named Rahul is on the run.

The one accused arrested was produced before the court on Monday.
The Police also appealed to the public to not use the drug.

On June 18, Sunday, the police received a piece of credible information based on which Mailardevpally Police arrested one accused Nitish Jaisingh from Durganagar Chourastha.
Mephentermine Sulphate Injunctions Vials (Green), Sterile Water Ample, Syringes 1ml/40 units-100 units were seized from him. The accused was selling drugs illegally without any license.
The accused named Rahul also sold the drug but he managed to escape.
In another case, Police arrested an accused named Sohel Nahedi near the Vattepally Railway gate with a bag that contained pink and green coloured Mephentermine Sulphate Injection Vials. He was selling the prohibited drug illegally. His aide, Ahmed Qureshi managed to escape.
The Police seized a total of 188 injections of the prohibited drug. (ANI)