Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday slammed the Trinamool Congress and accused the state government of turning Hindus into “second-class citizens” in the state during the TMC regime.
Addressing a rally in Barrackpur, PM Modi said that the people’s enthusiastic faces tell him that the BJP is going to receive an even higher mandate than it did in 2019. Bengal is saying, “Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar!”
“TMC has made bomb making a cottage industry in Bengal. Today, it has become difficult for a common man to follow his faith in Bengal. TMC threatens people when they chant the name of Shri Ram. Jai Shri Ram! TMC does not allow people to celebrate Ram Navami. Congress, too, stands against the Ram Mandir. Should we leave the country in the hands of TMC, Congress, and Leftists? INDI Alliance has completely surrendered to their appeasement policy. They are willing to engage in ‘Vote Jihad’ against BJP. A TMC leader says that they will throw Hindus into the Bhagirathi River… Where do they get the audacity to say and do all of this? Who is supporting them? TMC regime doesn’t allow people to take Lord Ram’s name, and celebrate Ram Navami. Hindus have become second-class citizens in Bengal under the TMC rule.” PM Modi said.
Earlier, TMC MLA Humayun Kabir made controversial comments during an election rally in Murshidabad and said that Hindus would be drowned in the Bhagirathi River within two hours or else he would leave politics.
PM Modi asserted that the development of the states of eastern India was neglected by the Congress party which governed the country for decades.
“After independence, family members of the Congress party governed the country for decades. They neglected the development of the states of eastern India. Whether it was West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, or Odisha, Congress did nothing to harness the capabilities of these states. From natural resources to blue economy, these states have huge potential for economic growth across fields,” he added.
He further said that ‘Modi’ will make East India the growth engine of Viksit Bharat.
“Today, we are creating a network of roadways, railways, and waterways in the eastern states of India… Dedicated freight corridors have amplified industrialization in this area. The upcoming years will be dedicated to furthering the development of West Bengal and the surrounding states,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister also conducted a roadshow in Barrackpore, West Bengal before his rally.
Voting will take place for eight Lok Sabha seats of West Bengal in the fourth phase of voting to be held on May 13. The constituencies are Baharampur, Krishnanagar, Ranaghat, Bardhaman Purba, Burdwan-Durgapur, Asansol, Bolpur and Birbhum.
In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the TMC won 34 seats in the state, while the BJP had to settle for 2 seats. The CPI (M) won 2 seats, while the Congress bagged 4.
However, the BJP came up with a much-improved showing in the 2019 polls, winning 18 seats against the TMC’s 22. The Congress’s tally dropped to just 2 seats, while the Left scored a blank. (ANI)