Hill state Himachal Pradesh will soon have the world’s second largest aerial ropeway urban transport system, said Himachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri.
The Ropeway and Rapid Transport Development Corporation Limited (RTDC) will soon start the project of over Rs 1,500 crore in Shimla. The 13.55-km-long eco-friendly green transport project will decongest traffic in Shimla and targets a population of the next 40 years.

With an objective to reduce vehicular transport congestion the hill state is also aiming to start another project of 6800 Crore Rupees to become the first place in the world to start the longest Aerial Ropeway innovative urban transport system from Parwanoon to Shimla. Addressing media, Himachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri said that the state is targeting to become first place in the world to start the ropeways.
“We are moving forward towards the second largest aerial ropeway in the world. Shimla is an important destination in the world map. It has an important history and also the state capital. The trafficking congestion has become a big issue as there is neither any real facility nor any railway transport. To control vehicular congestion, we are opting for the ropeway as an alternative. We can say that Himachal Pradesh is going to be a major state in ropeways.” said Deputy Chief Mukesh Agnihotri.
“It would be a tri party agreement and dialogue with BRICS BANK-NDB and the Union government has been completed. Himachal Pradesh will have 20% equity , 8% will be shared of loan and 72% will be granted. It will be a project targeted for the population of the next 40 years. In this Shimla traffic ropeway, there would be 660 trolleys with a sitting capacity of 8 to 9 people with two minutes of drive. There would be 13 stations. So far there is a 32kms aerial ropeway in South America and we are moving forward to start another project of 38 kms which would be the longest project in the world. We have given directions to the Ropeways Corporation. ,”said Mukesh.
The deputy Chief Minister claimed that Himachal Pradesh is aiming to become the first state in the country to start the longest project of the world in aerial transport.
“We have nearly half a dozen ropeway projects which includes Dharamshala, Solang Nalla , Jakhu ,Naina Devi, Parwanoo Timber trail and another would be opened at Baglamukhi, a small project of 50 Crore rupees. We have cleared the Chintpurni project and we are working on 5-6 more projects in Kasauli, Bir-Billing. The Ropeways Corporation would be an important corporation in the near future. Directions have been given to start detailed project reports on this so that it would be first and longest”, he said. (ANI)