A reduction in crimes of various categories has been recorded in Haryana during the year 2023 due to the strict working style of the Haryana Police, said a press release by the Haryana police.
As per the official release, there has been a 12 per cent decline in crime against women in the state while robbery cases have seen a decline of 30 per cent.
Furthermore, there has been an 18.33 per cent decline in snatching cases and an 8 per cent decline in serious injury cases in comparison to 2022.
The press release further mentioned that in a meeting organized under the chairmanship of Director General of Police (DGP) Shatrujit Kapoor, it was said that feedback is taken when the complaint of a victim woman regarding the cases related to crime against women is registered or it is resolved.

As per the information from the press note, teams in districts will be trained by experts to control crimes against women and children and in this regard, a commendable initiative is being taken in Gurugram district under which women police personnel will get information about the problems of women and girls in schools.
The DGP has also taken an important decision regarding the 498A cases registered in the police stations related to dowry, said the official statement. Now, after investigating all the facts based on the woman’s complaint, a case will be registered only against the accused.
While giving instructions to the Superintendents of Police (SPs) in the meeting, the DGP said that they should ensure the observance of lane driving on NH-152D, NH-44 and NH-9 passing through their respective jurisdictions.
Along with this, necessary information regarding lane driving is being given by holding meetings with representatives of transport unions.
DGP Kapoor said that from December 1 to December 13, challans have been issued to 6000 vehicles driving in the wrong lane. (ANI)