Mehbooba Mufti, the chief of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has requested Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to give compensation of 50 Lakh rupees to the people allegedly killed in the police investigation following a terror attack in Poonch last week.
Addressing a press conference, Mufti said “The people of Rajouri have supported the country’s army in all the wars that have taken place since 1947. People were picked up from their homes, killed, and beaten. This has been done with so loyal people, who guard the borders along with the army. I sincerely request that LG should tell the Defence Minister that a compensation of Rs 50 lakh should be given to the people harassed. Jobs and plots should be given on the roadside and Rs 5 lakh should be given to the injured people.”
She further said that an FIR was registered on the unknown person when everything was visible in the alleged video.
“After that, the Army Chief and Defence Minister came here, then what happened? Then FIR was lodged in the name of the unknown when everything was visible in that video. If you do not catch the culprit, then in a way you are also committing crime. When I tried to come and meet their families, I was put under house arrest. People from the BJP and the National Conference were allowed. I was stopped again yesterday. Don’t know what they are trying to hide,” she added.
Further coming down heavily on the Defence Minister, she asserted that what is the benefit of his visit if people are still threatened.

“They brought so many people to stop us. We are not the people of China or Pakistan. We are among the people of our country, so why were we stopped?” Mehbooba Mufti said.
Earlier, Mehbooba Mufti was stopped by the police on DKG road in Poonch (Jammu and Kashmir) due to security concerns. She was en route to meet the families of victims near the location of an anti-terrorist operation in the Poonch district in Jammu and Kashmir.
Following the incident, Mehbooba and her supporters staged a protest, expressing dissatisfaction with the situation.
“BJP president Ravinder Raina can come here; National Conference leaders can come but they tell us that there is some threat here. I think the biggest threat here is these people. They don’t want us to meet those families. They are trying to hide something then,” Mufti said on Saturday.
Earlier on December 27, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh met the families of three civilians who were killed near the site of an anti-terrorist operation in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir.
Rajnath Singh was accompanied by Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Singh. (ANI)