Esther Lalpekmawii, a Myanmar national and mother to a 9-month-old, is currently taking shelter in the Zokhawthar area of Mizoram’s Champhai district. She remains fearful due to the recent airstrikes by the Myanmar army in a neighbouring village along the Indo-Myanmar border.
Esther said that the bombing started on November 12.
“When we heard the sounds of a bomb blast and some splinters hitting our house, we immediately locked our house and ran away with my 9-month-old child and a few baby clothes and entered Zokhawthar by crossing the river. We were scared about everything that happened in our village. My house was also damaged. We lost everything. Now we have nothing. We don’t know how we will live. We are still scared to go back to my village because the current situation is not good. We are living here very peacefully,” Esther said.
She also said, “When we crossed the international border, Indian security personnel and police gave us security and allowed us to enter Zokhawthar. We are thankful to the local police, administration, NGOs, YMA, and village council who are helping us.”

Laldinthari, a mother and Myanmar national, told ANI that she came to Zokhawthar on November 13 along with her family.

“My mother is sick and she can’t move swiftly. We were scared when the bombing started; we just ran away, leaving our house and all household goods. We came here by crossing the river. When we came here, we had nothing. We didn’t know how we could survive, but NGOs, administration, and YMA provided us with food and shelter. I have a five-member family. I am the mother of one child. We couldn’t bring clothes and other household goods as we suddenly ran away to save my child and our lives. We are still scared. We don’t know what will happen to us next,” Laldinthari said.
Around 90 families of Myanmar refugees are currently taking shelter at the Dheiba refugee camp in Zokhawthar, which is the border village of Champhai district, Mizoram.
Around 5000 Myanmar nationals are now taking shelter in the Zokhawthar area of Mizoram’s Champhai district as they fled from Myanmar and entered the Champhai district.The district administration, NGOs, the Young Mizo Association, and the Village Council have provided food, clothes, and medicines to the Myanmar refugees who are now taking shelter in makeshift tents in the Zokhawthar area. (ANI)