Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi said on Saturday that her Facebook page had been recovered after being hacked for a week, adding that the hacker posted obscene pictures and videos on her page.
“I was not able to access it for a week. Yesterday, we suddenly saw obscene pictures and videos posted on it by someone who had hacked it. We came to know about it around 9 p.m. yesterday,” Shelly Oberoi told ANI.
“The social media team worked on it the entire night…My Facebook page was recovered this afternoon and we now have access to it,” she added.

She demanded a proper update on the part of social media companies to prevent hackers from misusing one’s account.
“But I think cybercrime is on the rise across the world. Technology is both beneficial as well as harmful. We would want there to be an update so that hackers are not able to misuse it.,” Oberoi said.
Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi claimed on Friday that her Facebook page had been hacked, adding that she had not been able to access her social media page for the past few days.
“This is to inform all that I’ve been unable to access my Facebook page since a few days; it has been hacked. We’re trying to recover it as soon as possible. If there is any unusual activity through my page, please be aware of it,” Oberoi posted on X on Friday. (ANI)