The Delhi government has decided to introduce six compulsory skill subjects at the secondary level in all the government schools from Session 2023-24.
As per an order by the Delhi government’s Directorate of Education, these subjects will be taught as vocational subjects.
According to the order, skill subjects like retail, information technology, introduction to financial markets, food production, marketing and sales, physical activity training, beauty and wellness and data science have to be inducted as vocational subjects in the Delhi government schools curriculum.
“A well-skilled workforce is one of the key requirements for the prosperity and growth for any country. Skill Subjects help in the development of professional competencies which are analytical, applied and outcome-based. Skill Education in schools can help students learn about a trade progressively to create a product and also to become a problem solver in life,” the order read.

The order also mentioned the New Education Policy guidelines.
“In the light of NEP 2020, Point No 16-Reimagining Vocational Education Sub Point No 16.4 quoted as: “This policy aims to overcome the social status hierarchy associated with vocational education and requires integration of vocational education programmes into mainstream education in all education institutions in a phased manner. Beginning with vocational exposure at early ages in middle and secondary school, quality vocational education will be integrated smoothly into higher education. It will ensure that every child learns at least one vocation and is exposed to several more. This would lead to emphasizing the dignity of labour and importance of various vocations involving Indian arts and partisanship,” it read.
It further stated that vocational education will be provided mandatorily to the students at the secondary level in government schools from Academic Session 2023-24 in accordance with the Scheme of Studies of CBSE which will develop their knowledge through practical activities and boost the morale of students.
“A student can choose any one skill subject at Secondary level (From the list enclosed) which helps the child to pursue what truly interests him/her,” the order read.
“All the heads of govt schools where Vocational/ NSQF subject is not being taught presently, are hereby directed to introduce a Skill Subject (From the list enclosed) in class IX and class X from Academic Session 2023-24 and ensure that each student of class IX as well as class X must be registered with Skill Subject from the Academic Session 2023- 24,” it added. (ANI)