Tamil Nadu BJP have organized a relief materials distribution program for the peoples who have been affected by Cyclone Michaung in Chennai.
The BJP ward councillor Leo Sundaram organized the event in the Karapakkam area, where BJP Tamil Nadu president Annamalai participated and distributed relief materials to the affected people.
“I was so happy that the BJP workers were distributing relief materials to the people affected by the rains and floods in Chennai. The suburbs of Chennai are more affected than the central parts of Chennai. Government officials and legislators are not paying attention to these areas, which the BJP has done,” Annamalai said.
“The English Daily reported that the Principal Secretary of the Tamil Nadu government said that Chennai has returned to 99 per cent normalcy. Such exaggerated speech by government officials and ministers has made people angry with the government,” he added.
TN Municipal Corporation Minister KN Nehru said that 98 per cent of the drainage works were completed four months ago, on December 8, 2023. He said that only 42 per cent of the work was completed four days ago. If the government lies, how can the common man believe it?”This is the reason for the people’s anger and that is why people are forced to fight,” he added.
Amid days of waterlogging in the state, the patience of the people of Chennai has broken as many residents of different areas complain of a shortage of even drinking water and a lack of cleanliness.
In the Pattalam area in Chennai, roads are still waterlogged and the people are complaining of a lack of cleanliness and absence of necessities.
A resident even warned the politicians to not come to the area to seek votes during the elections.
“No one visited here. We struggled for three days without drinking water and milk. For seeking votes politicians come here. Where did they go now? Let them come this time. I will take care. We received nothing,” a resident told ANI.
Tamil Nadu state is going through the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung. Chennai stands as the worst affected city, leaving many areas waterlogged. Cyclone Michaung made landfall in Tamil Nadu earlier this month, bringing with it heavy rains, strong winds, and subsequent damages to infrastructure and homes, apart from the loss of lives. (ANI)