Engrossed so deeply in devotion to lord Hanuman, Akhilesh Sharma has collected over 5000 pictures (separate photos) of ‘Bajrangbali’ and got his name enrolled in the Golden Book of World Record.
A resident of Chhattisgarh’s Raipur, Sharma has collected more than 5000 pictures of Lord Hanuman and published a book ‘Mere Hanuman’. This book contains pictures of Bajrangbali, which were collected from India as well as Indonesia, Bali, Thailand and other countries.

This unique devotee said that it takes 10 years to collect the pictures featured in the book. “I have been reciting Sundara Kanda for the last 35 years. Around 10 years back, I had attended a marriage function and got a photo of Lord Hanuman, which is on the book’s cover, and thereafter started collecting the pictures,” said Sharma.

Meanwhile, a phase came when Sharma was not getting any picture following which he contacted his friends and requested them to help in the mission of collecting lord Hanuman’s photos, the record holder told ANI.

“After that, a few people started sending me good morning messages and I requested them to send the photos of lord Hanuman instead of texting morning wishes, he recalled, adding that as a result of this request, the collection gradually became rich and these pictures have several stories,” he said.
Adding further, he said, “In between, a family problem surfaced but with the grace of ‘Bajrangbali’ everything turned well. The printing of the book stopped due to some problem and eventually, the complication was sorted when he added the photo of Hanuman was kept in the temple, which was built by my father in the home”.
“This book contains information related to lord Hanuman’s birth, his family members and others, after people told me that pictures of Lord Hanuman in a considerable number were not collected by anyone then he applied to the Golden Book of Records”, added Sharma. (ANI)