Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department chief N Sanjay on Sunday said that Chandrababu Naidu was the prime conspirator in the AP Skill development scam adding that Naidu in his capacity had orchestrated the whole idea of doing corruption during his tenure as Chief Minister.
Addressing a press conference in Delhi, N Sanjay said, “This is a scam of Rs 371 crores of government money. This money was given as a nomination to a company named Siemens by the AP govt. Money was going out of government hands just on the nomination basis.”
“Out of the Rs 371 crores given, Rs 241 crores were also going to other private companies which was also pointed out by ED. Naidu in his capacity influenced and orchestrated and mooted the whole idea and this was also figured by CID and ED as proceeds of crime,” he added.
He further explained the details of the AP Skill development scam.
“The whole scam happened because of the projection of the 90:10 formula, Siemens says we have nothing to do with all this as we are headquartered in Germany. Funds were given to several people who projected training specifics. Chandrababu Naidu was the prime conspirator in this scam. He (Naidu) and his then-skill development minister gave false projections before the Council of Ministers,” he said.

Denying the allegations made by Andhra CID, former MD of Siemens Suman Bose said, “No corruption happened. This is one of the finest pieces of the project. There was 100 per cent transparency throughout the project. There was no shell company. They need to produce to the court evidence related to fake invoices. If everything was done and delivered, how can you say the ingredients for this project were fake? Otherwise, how could it be delivered?”
Naidu was sent to judicial custody on September 10 for 14 days, till September 23, by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) court in Vijayawada in connection with an alleged Skill Development Corporation scam. (ANI)