The All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) hit out at the BJP-led Union government over the proposed Uniform Civil Code (UCC), saying that it cannot implement uniform civil laws across the country.
Speaking to ANI on Wednesday, AIUDF MLA Karim Uddin Barbhuiya said it wasn’t feasible to implement the UCC across the country as it doesn’t reflect the “ground reality”.
“It is not possible for the BJP-led central government to implement the UCC across the country as it is not in sync with the conventions and rules that people practising different faiths or belonging to diverse communities are bound by. While our country is characterised by its unity in diversity, people belonging to different religious faiths follow their own set of rules or provisions that are guaranteed by the Constitution. This is the beauty of India. It is an aspect that our country is known for globally. However, the BJP is out to destroy it. They call themselves the flag-bearers of Hindutva but in reality, they are neither working to advance the interests of the majority community or people belonging to other religious faiths. They are merely playing an emotional card. Forget India, they can’t even implement UCC in the Northeast,” the MLA told ANI.
Earlier, on Wednesday, the Assam government formed a committee under the chairmanship of the state’s Advocate General Devajit Lon Saikia to draft appropriate legislation for banning polygamy and other practices, including inter-religious marriage by false identity and the alleged role of Kazi in officiating child marriages.
Hitting out at the Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, the AIUDF MLA said, “The BJP is only bringing one Bill after another for political mileage.”

“Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah claimed to have implemented the CAA. I want to ask the Assam chief minister and the Centre: has the CAA been truly implemented? Has the modalities been finalised? Do they take the people to be fools?” Barbhuiya questioned.
Claiming multiple cases of corruption in the state under the BJP government, the AIUDF MLA alleged that the ruling party failed to keep its promises to the people.
“They are gradually losing public support. Even in the recent Assemby bye-elections (for six seats in seven states) the BJP slipped, losing four seats including in Uttar Pradesh where they are in power. The BJP is hurting India’s global image. They are doing appeasement politics in the name of religion and love jihad,” the AIUDF MLA said.
On the Lok Sabha polls next year, the AIUDF leader claimed that the BJP would struggle to cross 170 seats.
“We will win three (Lok Sabha) seats in Assam and the Congress will have to settle for only one seat. Barring Gaurav Gogoi, the entire Assam Congress is currently with (Assam Chief Minister) Himanta Biswa Sarma,” Barbhuiya claimed.
On the proposed Bill to ban polygamy in Assam, he said while the party will hold discussions on it, he was personally against any legislation to this effect. (ANI)