Foiling a smuggling bid, the Border Security Force (BSF) seized a huge cache of mobile phones from the India-Bangladesh bus service in Agartala.
According to BSF, the Maitri Bus (Agartala to Dhaka) of Tripura Road Transport Corporation arrived at the Integrated Check-Post (ICP) Agartala for security checking on May 21. All boarded passengers, except for the bus driver named Badal Haque, accompanied by the bus conductor and liaison officer, went inside the ICP for immigration and customs clearance, as per protocol.
BSF officials, including the intelligence team, thoroughly examined the bus.

“While inspecting the bus, the BSF officials noticed and got suspicious that one plate fitted with a nut bolt was clean, while the surrounding plates were muddy. With the aid of their tool kit, they opened the cavity and recovered a total of 665 mobile phones, including 363 brand-new mobile phones,” said the BSF statement.
The border guarding force said the suspects carrying these mobile phones were already inside the ICP and quickly completed their immigration process and left as regular passengers after sensing that the goods from the vehicle had been seized by the BSF. The BSF apprehended the driver and seized the above goods which were handed over to customs after the necessary formalities were completed.
BSF said various contraband items are regularly seized from the bordering areas. (ANI)