The Bharatiya Janata Party will hold a Vidhan Sabha ‘gherao’ protest on Monday against the state government for allegedly failing to address public issues.
Addressing a joint press conference in Shimla on Saturday BJP state chief, Dr Rajiv Bindal and former HP CM Jai Ram Thakur said that the Congress government completely failed to address the issues of the people of the state and were not able to fulfil the promises made to the people of the state.
“The Congress government has completely failed in the state, during the ten months of the state government they failed to fulfil the aspirations of the people. The state government has closed over 1,000 institutions in the state. Instead of providing the promised one lakh jobs in a year they are slashing government jobs,” said Dr Rajiv Bindal.

“Law and order situation has deteriorated in the state and crimes like murder and rape has increased in the state,” added Bindal.
Jai Ram Thakur, on the issue said that the government has put the additional burden on the people of the state. Today they have imposed ten-time stamp duty on the purchase and registry of land in the state. The ten-year period of was of mismanagement.
During the protest Issues like the deteriorating law-and-order situation, nepotism in relief distribution, failure to rein in prices and wreaking vengeance, besides the closure of institutions, will be highlighted. (ANI)