Empty liquor bottles were found in the Collectorate premises in Samastipur on Tuesday. The recovery came in the backdrop of a wave of deaths in the Chhapra district linked to spurious liquor.

The official toll from the Chhapra spurious liquor tragedy, in December last year, was pegged at over 70.

Excise Superintendent Shailendra Kumar Chaudhary said, “I have received information and also saw the pictures. The bottles seem to be very old. Nonetheless, we will conduct an investigation into the recovery of the liquor bottles and take necessary action.”

Under fire from the Opposition in the wake of the liquor deaths last year, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had vowed strict action would be taken against all the accused.

Kumar reiterated that despite the criticism of the state’s prohibition policy, most people in his state were in favour of it.
“I have made it clear that strict action will be taken against the accused,” Nitish Kumar said after the person, allegedly behind the spurious liquor deaths, was arrested from Dwarka.

Speaking to the media in Patna, the Bihar CM said, “Each and every detail is being investigated. How and why this tragedy occurred? Who did it? Who supplied the spurious liquor in the state? Everything is being investigated.” (ANI)