A large group of high school students from six schools, located in fringe areas of Orang National Park and Tiger Reserve (OTR) in Darrang district of Assam, took part in Second Orang Nature Camp that helped them experience the biodiversity of the famed tiger reserve at close quarters.
The nature camp, which was a joint initiative of biodiversity conservation organisation Aaranyak, Orang Tiger Reserve authority, local organisation Wild Wings, and supported by David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), UK, was held with the objective to impress the young students about the importance of conservation of nature for the survival of this planet that is home to the entire animal kingdom including human beings.
Various sessions conducted by different conservation experts tried to educate young minds on how nature sustains our life and livelihood. They were told through various modes of presentations that everyone has a role to conserve nature in one’s own way.

The students were exposed to the rich biodiversity of the Orang National Park, which boasts a treasure trove of wildlife including the one-horned rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, pygmy hog, hog deer, and many lesser-known faunal and floral species, through visits and exercises undertaken inside it during the camp. The students were informed on the importance of elements in an ecosystem so that they acquire a penchant for the conservation of nature and spread the message among their friends and kin.

About 35 students from six schools – Bechimari ME School, Silamari High School, Sirajul Haque High School, Dokhin Borsola High School, Keramot Ali ME School and Ballav Bhai Patel High School – successfully participated in the residential nature camp from March 19 to 22.
The Ranger Officer Dibyajyoti Deuri inaugurated the camp on March 19 in presence of two guests from the UK, Eleanor Harvie and Gemma Charles among others. The nature camp was marked by visual presentations, environmental games, group presentations, nature trail, and Park safari. (ANI)