Assam Rifles in a joint operation with police apprehended a person with over 276 gm of heroin, valued at Rs 1.1 crore in the international market, an official said on Tuesday.
According to the release the joint operation was launched by the Radhanagar Battalion of Agartala Sector assam-rifles”>Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (EAST) in a joint operation with Jirighat PS, Cachar District, Assam apprehended one individual along with Heroin on July 3, 2023.
“The operation party apprehended one individual along with 276.1 gms of Heroin with an approximate cost of Rs. 1.1 crore from general area Lalpani, under Jirighat PS, Cachar District, Assam,” the assam-rifles”>Assam Rifles official said.
Later, the person and seized items were handed over to Jirighat Police Station for further investigation and legal proceedings, the official added.

On Sunday, in a successful operation, assam-rifles”>Assam Rifles (East) recovered 150 bags of illegal areca nuts in the general area of Melbuk in Zokhawthar and 33 grams of heroin along with one worth Rs 1.07 crore, the official said.
A man was apprehended in connection to death, they said.
The two separate operations were carried out by teams of assam-rifles”>Assam Rifles and Custom Department Zokhawthar based on specific information.
The accused was later apprehended and has been handed over to the Customs Department, Zokhawthar, and Police Station Champhai for further legal proceedings.
The ongoing smuggling of contraband items is a major cause of concern for the state of Mizoram and India. (ANI)