The Assam government has decided to give a 12-day special leave to teachers who are interested in learning ‘Vipassana’ meditation” meditation.
Assam Education Minister Dr Ranoj Pegu told ANI that Vipassana is an ancient Indian meditation”>meditation technique focusing on the connection between mind and body through disciplined attention to physical sensations.
“National Education Policy (NEP 2020) talks about holistic education–mental, physical, and academic. The growth of students is our concern. It also talks about the Indian knowledge system, so mental health is very important for which there is yoga. Similar to yoga, there is Vipassana, which is an ancient Indian meditation”>meditation system. So, there are teachers who are willing to take part in such camps to train in Vipassana and once the teachers are trained in Vipassana they will be assets to our education system because their knowledge and practises can be transferred to the students. That is why the state government has decided that those who are voluntarily willing to join such a Vipassana workshop will be given a 12-day leave. We will give them 12-day special leave,” Dr Ranoj Pegu said.

The Education Minister also said that the state government has already decided to give 12 days of special leave.
“It has to be ensured that the institution has to be certified and after confirming all details, such as where the teachers will go, by whom, by which institution, etc., they will get the 12-day special leave,” the Assam Education Minister said.
The Assam Education Minister also said that the training aims to purify the mind, eliminate negative qualities like anger and greed, and lead towards enlightenment.
Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation”>meditation. Practised widely in non-sectarian settings, often in 10-day retreats, it emphasizes self-observation and mindfulness. (ANI)