Deaf and mute people set a record by performing the Assam State Anthem, “O Mur Apunar Dexh” organised by Touch of Humanity-Lets Be Human (NGO), an official release by the Assam Book of Records stated.
According to the release, TANMI, a Touch of Humanity-Lets Be Human (NGO), Assam Association of Deaf, NERIM Group of Institutions, and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Govt of Assam Initiative set the record for orchestrating a performance of the Assam State Anthem “O Mur Apunar Dexh” featuring 1010 deaf and mute individuals.
This noteworthy event was part of the grand awareness campaign promoting the significance of learning sign language, the release added.
The initiative was organized by Touch of Humanity-Lets Be Human (NGO) and received support from the rest of the organisations, marking the 4th Anniversary cum Foundation Day of the NGO, held at NERIM Group of Institution, Jayanagar, Khanapara, Guwahati on Monday, August 14, 2023, the release further added.
Talking on the occasion the organizer, Hirak Jyoti Borah expressed gratitude to the CM of Assam for his support and guidance.
“We express our heartiest gratitude to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Govt. of Assam Pijush Hazarika for their guidance and support. We also express our associates Assam Association of the Deaf, NERIM Group of Institutions, BDS- Govt. School of Hearing Impaired, Dakhin Kamrup Deaf School for their utmost support without which this would have not been possible. We will be proceeding for further recognition such as national, international and world records,” Hirak Jyoti Borah said.
The purpose of the event was made clear by Borah, emphasizing its aim to promote sign language and secure the rights of the Deaf and mute community.

“The event was organised to attract the attention of the Government of Assam as well as the Government of India and other international organisations to promote sign language and provide the rights from which the Deaf and mute community were being deprived,” Hirak Jyoti Borah said.
Borah expressed confidence in the support received, particularly from Assam’s leadership, stating, “In context to Assam, our Chief Minister of Assam and Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Govt of Assam had done a lot for the specially-abled individuals.”
Highlighting specific initiatives, Borah revealed plans to present a memorandum advocating for the introduction of ‘Assamese Sign Language’ and the ‘Assamese Dictionary of Sign Language.’
Additionally, there are proposals for establishing a university dedicated to the higher education of deaf and mute students.
“A University for the higher education of the Deaf and Mute students, more job opportunities as well as compulsory appointments of Sign Language translators at the virtual media platforms, educational institutions, hospitals and in police stations as well,” Hirak Jyoti Borah said.
The Assam Book of Records (ABR) is a platform that showcases hidden talent in Assam and Northeast, the official site of ABR stated.
The ABR is registered under trust and works to protect endangered folklore, it added. (ANI)