Abdur Rashid Mandal, a Congress party legislative assembly member has come out in support of the Assam government’s intention to end polygamy in the state and has welcomed the move.
Abdur Rashid Mandal, MLA representing Goalpara West constituency inGoalpara district, told ANI that, he has welcomed the decision taken by the Assam government.
“Polygamy should be banned. The Assam government has taken a good decision and I welcome this,” Abdur Rashid Mandal said.
However, he further noted that it should not be targeted at a particular community.”It is a good decision and we also want to end polygamy,” Abdur Rashid Mandal said.
The Assam government on Thursday constituted a four-member expert committee to examine the legislative competence of state legislature to enact a law to end polygamy.
The committee comprises Justice (Retired) Rumi Phookan as Chairperson, Debajit Saikia, Advocate General, Assam as Member, Nalin Kohli, Additional Advocate General, Assam as Member, and Nekibur Zaman, Advocate.
On Thursday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said his government will not bring Uniform Civil Code (UCC) but want to ban polygamy under a State Act.
He further said that the constituted committee will engage broadly in discussions with all stakeholders including legal experts and will scrutinize the provisions of the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Act, 1937. (ANI)