Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday distributed relief to 2.22 lakh women loan borrowers under the state’s Microfinance Incentive and Relief Scheme.
“Fulfilling one of the key promises of Govt of Assam, CM Himanta Biswa ceremonially distributed relief measures under Assam Microfinance Incentive & Relief Scheme, 2021 (Category – III) to around 2.22 lakh women loan borrowers. With a total relief cost of Rs 291 cr under this category, the State’s womenfolk will once again be able to avail fresh loans for their continued prosperity,” an official statement issued by the Chief Minister’s office said.
Assam CM Sarma said that all promises made to the public are being fulfilled by the government.

“Assam is adopting a unique journey, whatever we promised during the last election, we are implementing all promises to 100 per cent. Today, microfinance loans waivered and making them creditworthy is a historical step that we have adopted today. I am very happy. We are delivering all our promises. We are almost scoring 100% in all our promises,” he said.
The Government of Assam announced the Assam Microfinance Incentive and Relief Scheme (AMFIRS) in June 2021 with the objective of strengthening the long-term view of ensuring the continuity of micro-finance in supporting the economic activities of low income and poor households in the state.
Under this scheme, the borrowers have been divided into three categories. Category III consists of Non-Performing Asset (NPA) Customers). These customers will be evaluated by the Government after submission of their data from the lenders. The state government will repay a percentage of the loan outstanding of the customers to the lenders directly. (ANI)