Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma gifted Prime Minister Narendra Modi the divine image of Bhagwan Balak Ram and said that the image reflects the Assam government’s efforts to revive the state’s lost art forms.
“This divine image of Bhagwan Balak Ram which was gifted by Assam’s #ModiParivar to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi Ji, reflects our government’s efforts to revive the State’s lost art forms,” Assam CM posted on X on Sunday.
“Prabhu’s Vigraha is depicted in an ancient Ahom era Kham style of painting using items unique to Assam such as rhino dung paper, Muga silk cloth and gold plated leaves,” he added.
He further stated that Kham was widely prevalent during the Ahom Empire but became nearly extinct during colonisation.
“We are working towards popularising this exceptional craft among today’s youth,” he said.

Earlier on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for multiple development projects worth more than Rs 17,500 crore in Assam, saying the “double-engine government is working at a great speed for the development of Assam.”
PM Modi also embarked on a visit to Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site nestled in the heart of Assam.
His presence not only highlighted the importance of preserving India’s natural treasures but also underscored the need for sustainable tourism practices.
According to a press release by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), during his visit, PM Modi interacted with various stakeholders and wildlife, emphasizing the significance of environmental conservation.
The Prime Minister’s visit commenced with a tour of the lush greenery that envelops Kaziranga, home to diverse flora and fauna, including the iconic one-horned rhinoceros.
He commended their unwavering commitment and valour in safeguarding the natural heritage of the region, acknowledging their pivotal role in preserving the ecosystem.
His visit to the BJP-ruled state is being seen as the key to the party’s ongoing campaign and preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, expected to be held in April and May. (ANI)