Another incident like the murder of Shraddha has occurred in Delhi. A mother and son committed this crime together. In this case, the Crime Branch has arrested a woman and her son. It is being told that the son, along with the mother, killed the father and then cut the dead body and kept it in the freezer. The accused mother and son came on different days and disposed of the dead body after midnight in the ground opposite Chand Cinema.

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has solved the mystery of human body parts found in East Delhi. In Pandav Nagar, a dead body was cut and kept in a refrigerator every day.

Following this, pieces of the dead body were thrown daily in Pandav Nagar and East Delhi. This dreadful incident of murder was committed by mother and son together. Both mother and son cut the dead body into pieces and kept it hidden in the refrigerator and then threw it in the Pandavndav Nagar area.

Regarding this murder, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police said that in Pandav Nagar, Delhi, the Crime Branch had arrested a woman and her son on charges of murdering her husband. They cut the dead body into several pieces and kept it in the refrigerator and threw it in a nearby field.

This murder is also suspected of being the result of an illegal relationship, and the Crime Branch team has arrested Poonam and Deepak, the accused mother-daughter. The name of the person who was murdered is Anjan Das. The accused had thrown pieces of the dead body at different places after the murder.

Delhi Police will give complete information regarding this massacre by holding a press conference at 1 pm. Earlier, Raddha Walker was said to have been murdered in Delhi and her body was cut into 36 pieces and thrown in the forest. Tab Poonawalla, the accused in this murder case, is in the custody of the Delhi Police.