Along with the floods, the locals of the Basbari area in Assam’s Bongaigaon district are now fighting with massive river erosion problems.
According to the locals, in recent times nearly 30-40 families have become homeless after the Aie River swallowed their homes and lands.

In recent times, the Aie River swallowed a market area, as many as 40 houses, one temple, one Mosque and several bighas of agricultural lands.
Many villagers were forced to leave the Basbari area due to massive river erosion and moved to other places.

Naruttam Mazumdar, a resident of the Basbari area told ANI that, in the last two years the people of the area had to face massive problems.
“Around 30-40 families have lost their homes due to river erosion and many of them left this area. My house is also located nearby the river. I am also now fearing that, the river will swallow my house and due to this reason, I am now destroying my house. Where, we will go, where we will live. Maximum villagers of this area are labourers and few villagers are engaged in small business,” Naruttam Mazumdar said.

He further said that earlier the river swallowed one temple, one mosque, and a market area and also threatened to swallow a school.
On the other hand, Saddam Hussain, a resident of Basbari village said that people are now facing lots of problems.
“More than 30 houses were submerged due to river erosion. Earlier, the river swallowed the temple, mosque of this area and many bighas of agricultural land. People of this area are now living in fear,” Saddam Hussain said.
On the other hand, locals said that the government has taken up measures to stop river erosion, but the soil erosion is still continuing. (ANI)