Amid opposition raising questions on the Uttar Pradesh government over the death of gangster Mukhtar Ansari, Uttar Pradesh minister and Nishad party Chief Sanjay Nishad said that the opposition is out of topics and hence creates big deal out of everything.
Gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari passed away at Banda Medical College Hospital in Uttar Pradesh after he suffered a cardiac arrest on Thursday night.
Speaking to ANI, Nishad party Chief Sanjay Nishad said, “In this era, Janta is the judge, they take the decisions. Until the investigation is completed and the final postmortem reports are out, people must keep patience”.
On opposition, giving statements against the UP government over the gangster’s death, Nishad said, “The politics is run on casting statements against each other. “The opposition does not have any matter, so whatever comes out, they try to create a big deal out of it. The main issue in the country is economic growth, growth for the marginalized, to make India a vishwaguru and Sone ki chidiya once again”.
Meanwhile, Samajwadi party leader Chief Akhilesh Yadav, said that a government that “can’t protect life has no right to remain in power”.

In a series of posts on X, former chief minister said, “It is the first responsibility and duty of the government to protect someone’s life in every situation and at every place. The death of a hostage or prisoner in any of the following circumstances will erode public confidence in the judicial process.”
“All such doubtful cases should be investigated under the supervision of a Supreme Court judge. The way the government bypasses the judicial process and adopts other methods is completely illegal,” his post added.
“A government that cannot protect life has no right to remain in power. Uttar Pradesh is going through the worst phase of ‘government anarchy’. This is ‘zero hour’ of law and order in UP,” he said.
The son of the deceased Mukhtar Ansari claimed that his father was given “poison” in the food.
“Now the whole nation knows everything… Two days ago I came to meet him, but I was not allowed… We said earlier also and even today we will say the same about the allegation of giving slow poison. On March 19, he was given poison in the dinner. We will move to the judiciary; we have full faith in it…” Umar Ansari said. (ANI)