Most organizations today conduct their learning & development programs online, in such setups, it has become increasingly difficult to keep the learner engaged and reduce drop-offs.

Addressing this problem of the industry, Techademy’s Gamification features make learning engaging and immersive. Over the years, Techademy’s Learning Experience Platform [LXP] has emerged as one of the industry’s best due to its ability to provide end-to-end holistic learning experiences. Blending exciting elements like badges, reward points, and leader boards, the latest gamification features encourage learners to finish courses and enjoy the whole experience of learning.

Learning happens when learners understand the course, practice, and test themselves. Learning lasts when the learner is able to enjoy the process and looks forward to do it. Based on this simple principle, the gamification features reward the learner every time he/she takes an action or performs a task such as learning X minutes every day, finishing a module, or taking an assessment on the Learning Platform.

They also earn badges and certificates for completion of courses/learning paths. With the points earned, they can compare themselves with other learners on the platform through leader boards and rankings. Recommendations on how to earn more rewards motivates them to spend more time and get immersed in learning. Techademy also provides organizations the complete flexibility to decide tasks and reward points associated to meet their specific learning goals.
Techademy’s recently introduced UI also brings gamification into focus by allowing the learners to track their achievements, rankings, and progress right on the home page. This sparks curiosity right from the moment they log in to the learning platform and keeps them engaged as they continue their learning journey.

“In isolated learning instances, keeping the momentum going is tough. Learners feel disconnected, disengaged, and thereby either lose interest in learning or finish courses for the sake of doing it. Both are counterproductive to organizational learning goals. Our gamification features aim to transform learning into rich experiences learners look forward to everyday. For organizations whose cultures are built around continuous learning, we make it our mission to help them continue doing so – Learning never stops with Techademy,” said Techademy Founder, Keshava Raju.