The India Tunisia Economic Forum held recently gave impetus to the growing possibilities between India and Tunisia.
Indian Economic Trade Organization organized this event which was attended by representation from the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, Ministry of Foreign Affairs based in Tunis, business owners, Academia, and industrialists.
The Forum raised major concern over expanding trade and tourism between India and Tunisia. A diverse set of panellists from around the world joined together and shared their views on building up many robust Indo-Tunisian ties.
An MOU was signed between Tunisia Africa Business Council and Indian Economic Trade Organization by Anis Jaziri, President, Tunisia Africa Business Council and Dr Asif Iqbal, President of the IETO. At the event, Dr Srikar Reddy IFS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India, spoke about the Tunisia India fertilizer joint venture.
With the main aim of the partnership to focus on development in both countries, Puneet Roy Kundal IFS, Indian Ambassador in Tunisia spoke on the importance of the Tunisia India Centre for Innovation in IT. A steel plant will be established in Tunisia owing to the collaboration and Safouen Ben Brahim, Managing Director SBB Global Engineering shed light on the same.

The inaugural session which focused on the overall development aspect was opened with remarks of Dr Srikar Reddy IFS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, With the recent easing of lockdown globally, there has been picking up in the global merchant industry in the third quarter of this year. Initially, the ‘World Trade Organization’ predicted a decline in the world trade to 13 per cent from 32 per cent this year when the Coronavirus outbreak happened. However, now as per WTO, Global merchandise trade will decline only by 9.2 per cent this year but it is expected to rise by 7.2 per cent in 2021. The India Tunisia relations have strengthened in recent years to the exchanges at the highest level, vibrant trade and the people to people ties. Bilateral trade between India and Tunisia USD 376 billion in the financial year 2019-20 and Indian Exports to Tunisia within this period was USD 245 million while Indian import from Tunisia was USD 231 million. India has also made a substantial investment in Tunisia.
“India and Tunisia have been good friends and my stay in Paris during my early years brought some great collaborative partners together to bring the Trade and Commerce with France as the centre of collaboration, we intend to have the Paris Office of the India Tunisia Business Council to facilitate our other partners efficiently. Tunisia will also be a part of the India Maghreb Council to be established soon,” said Dr Asif Iqbal.
Boutheian Regaieg Dean, Faculty of Economics, Jendouba explored the possibilities of the Tunisia India Friendship Forum at the event. Furthermore, Aya Frioui spoke about the prospects of a successful collaboration between India-Tunisia Industry-Academia to enhance the level of education provided in both countries.
Anis Jaziri, President, Tunisia Africa Business Council added, TABCs vision is to be a key player to enhance south corporation, promote sustainable development for the African population. We have made more than 20 missions to Africa and have organized international council in Tunisia. Tunisia needs investment and with our partners, we will attract India investors to Tunisia. TABC has the capability to support the investors and go to Africa also. Our objective in partnership with ‘Indian Economic Trade Organization’ is to support companies to invest in Tunisia and support and introduce them to African markets. We are very implemented, especially in West Africa. We can help support Indian companies in West Africa. Health and Pharmaceutical sector is very important between India Tunisia and Africa.