Quizzing is an intellectual hobby. To do well, you need to have an innate curiosity, a desire to learn and to compete.
An additional skill is crucial when competing in a live event, the ability to control your nerves and to perform under pressure. Watching a high-quality quizzing event is thrilling for the audience. They can test their knowledge and learn new things without any risk. For the participants, the stakes are higher, not only can they win considerable prizes, but they also need to control their emotions and fears as they are on live TV.
The Grand Finale of the first Collegiate Quiz Championship – Junior were held in January 2021 and broadcast live on Facebook. This is an extremely competitive and prestigious event for high school students in Asia. Hundreds of students from Grades 9 & 10 had appeared for the initial rounds.
The top twenty-five students were shortlisted and participated in five Prelims. One Winner from each Prelim then proceeded to the Grand Finale where they competed for the top prizes. The quiz covered questions from science, history, current affairs, and math.
After a nail-biting event, Divya Sijwali a student of Grade 10 from Tagore International School, New Delhi stood first. “I had a lot of fun preparing for the finale. I watched the recordings of the past events to understand the kind of questions that could be posed to me. The best part about the quiz is how I gained a lot of knowledge about different fields just by preparing for the event,” said Divya.
The second prize went to Atharva Choudhary from Birla High School, Kolkata. “I have always been inspired by people who script comebacks, be it sportspersons like Serena Williams or celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. that overcame obstacles. Coming from behind to win the fifth Prelim was an amazing feeling. It was as if I was on cloud nine, after those tense moments when my heartbeat crazily. The Grand Finale was surely a notch higher, with tough questions and equally tough competition. I feel proud of myself for coming second overall. I learnt lot of new things that I didn’t know of earlier and the questions were extremely interesting,” said Atharva.
The Collegiate Quiz Championship is hosted by Vivek Bhandari, who is an avid quizzer himself and the Co-founder and Chief Executive of Scholarly. “I would like to congratulate Divya and Atharva, their teachers and their parents. In our General Awareness section, we cover several subjects, and I am impressed by the students’ knowledge and presence of mind. Solving complicated Math problems with a ticking timer while on live TV is not easy. To perform well, the students need to have a strong understanding of the concepts and need to remain calm,” said Vivek, speaking about the event.

This was the first edition of the Collegiate Quiz Championship- Junior and was meant for students in grades 9 and 10. Scholarly had also organized the Collegiate Quiz Championship for Grades 11 and 12 in 2020.
During the COVID lockdown, the quiz was an exciting and interesting activity for students to enhance their knowledge, compete and win attractive cash prizes. Based on several requests from schools and parents, Scholarly decided to conduct the event for Grades 9 and10. Students from more than 200 schools have participated in these quizzes.
Rushaan Shah, a Grade 12 student of Selaqui International School, Dehradun was the winner of the first Collegiate Quiz Championship conducted during 2020. Yash Singhal from the same institution stood second in that event.
“Thank you Scholarly for providing us with this wonderful platform. Trust me when I say this, winning is something phenomenal but I cannot deny the mixed bag of emotions I had within me answering one question a time, stepping up the ladder of the rounds of the competition. Indeed, this opportunity during such a time as now helped me to forge strong connections with fellow students who are as engaged as me in the pursuit of excellence. The amazing role played by the quizmaster cannot be denied. Vivek Bhandari took us through the subtleties of every question. The most wonderful aspect of the quiz was the exposure to different subjects like history, sports, economics, astronomy which are not part of my curriculum,” said Rushaan.
Quizzing has always been exciting however the high-quality live events conducted by Scholarly take this excitement to a different level. Along with that the substantial prizes for the winners ensure that best students from the top high school participate in the Collegiate Quiz Championship.
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