Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami participated in a yoga exercise with Baba Ramdev. Following this, Dhami said that Uttarakhand will be made a drug-free state and the Uniform Civil Code should be formulated keeping in mind every class.
On the occasion of International Yoga Day, the Chief Minister said, “Today, on International Yoga Day, I have got the opportunity to do yoga with thousands of people at Patanjali Yogpeeth for two and a half hours. We will work to advance Uttarakhand in the field of yoga, spirituality and culture.”
Dhami mentioned that Uttarakhand is making a big contribution in the field of yoga, spirituality, Ayurveda and industry. He added that a Global Investor Summit will be held in Uttarakhand soon to which people from all over the country and abroad will be invited.

On the Uniform Civil Code, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said, “Uniform Civil Code will be formulated in Uttarakhand by taking all classes together. The provision of Uniform Civil Code has been made in the Article 44 of the Indian Constitution. The committee that drafted the Constitution has held talks with more than two and a half lakh people, including people of all classes.”
Speaking against drugs, CM Dhami said, “Just like we brought anti-conversion law, we will bring a law against drugs.”
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev said that Yoga is leading to the rise of India’s reputation worldwide. “On International Day of Yoga Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead the yoga session at UN headquarters.”
“Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami participated in Yoga with more than 20 thousand people in Patanjali Yogpeeth. People from every religion participated in the yoga exercise. This will help in developing Uttarakhand to be a spiritual capital by making Uttarakhand yoga-rich and drug-free.” (ANI)