Vishal Kumar, the returning officer for the West Tripura Lok Sabha constituency, conducted an inspection of the counting hall at Umakanta School in preparation for the upcoming vote counting on June 4.
With the election results eagerly anticipated, the inspection aimed to ensure that all arrangements were in place for a smooth and efficient counting process.
Kumar reviewed the security measures, seating arrangements, and the technical setup of the counting hall. The focus was on guaranteeing transparency, accuracy, and the timely declaration of results.

The visit to Umakanta School is part of a broader effort by election officials to oversee final preparations across various counting centres. The Election Commission has put in place stringent protocols to manage the counting of votes, including detailed guidelines for counting personnel and security arrangements to prevent any disruptions.
Vishal Kumar told ANI, “For June 4th, preparations for the West Tripura Parliament Constitution counting are complete. The counting centre, strong room, CCTV connections, and training of manpower are all progressing smoothly. I hope everything proceeds well on the 4th of June”.
“Additionally, security measures such as pre-counting and post-counting will be conducted with the assistance of the police and CRPF. I trust that with the cooperation of every political party, we can ensure a peaceful election counting day. Presently, everything is proceeding peacefully. The strong room is under continuous CCTV monitoring and 24×7 security. Representatives from every political party are present, and CPF officers are ensuring there are no disruptions. All parts of the state are experiencing smooth operations,” he added.
Voting for the two seats in Tripura was concluded on April 19 and April 26, respectively, in the first and second phases of the Lok Sabha elections.
The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are being held in seven phases from April 19-June 1. The results would be declared on June 4. (ANI)