After around 60 schools in Delhi-NCR received bomb threats via mail on Wednesday, Suman Nalwa, Delhi Police PRO, said that the Delhi Police conducted thorough investigation at every place and has till now, not found anything suspicious.
Speaking with ANI, Suman Nalwa said, “I don’t have the exact numbers but several schools approached us saying that they received mail regarding the presence of bomb at the premises. When the Delhi Police received the call, the police took each and every call seriously and have conducted thorough research at every place but till now, nothing has been found.”
She added further, “Through media, we are making the people aware that we are taking each and every call very seriously and conducted a thorough checking.”
She also said that after looking at the time at which mails were sent, it seems as if somebody had done this to create panic. “If we look at the timing, almost all the schools received the threat at the same time and nothing has been found and it seems like somebody has done this to create a panic.”
She also advised the parents to not panic. “All I want to say to the parents is that don’t panic as these calls are very important for us as well. There is one aspect of security and for that, we are doing all the necessary things according to the protocol. And the second is investigation, which we are doing simultaneously.”
All schools in Delhi-NCR to which threat emails have been sent have been closed as a precaution and the children have been sent back.
“In the initial investigation, many schools across Delhi have received emails. The same pattern was followed to send threat mails. The dateline is not mentioned… BCC is mentioned in the e-mail and hence it is clear that one email has been sent to many places,” the police had said earlier in the day.
“Many schools have received bomb threats. We are investigating all the threats and further probe into the matter is underway,” the police added.
One of the schools informed parents regarding the threat by mail and precautionary measures that had been taken by the school to handle the situation smoothly. (ANI)