The Bengaluru Customs Department handed over seized and confiscated artefacts to the Archaeological Survey of India on Thursday.

In a statement, Customs informed that V. Usha, Chief Commissioner of Customs, Bengaluru handed over seized and confiscated antique items that include- a metal Budhha image (broken), Wooden horserider, Wooden dolls and Face Mask (Metal) to Bipin Chandra, Superintending Archaeologist in Archaeological Survey of India.

It further reads that these items were recovered by officers of Inland Container Depot (ICD) Bengaluru from unaccompanied baggage in a container bound for Europe. These precious articles were discovered in a container filled with household goods that were being exported by a foreign national returning to their home country.

On this occasion, Sanjay Pant, Chief Commissioner CGST and Customs Vishakhapatnam Zone; Amitesh, Commissioner, Bengaluru City; B. Konthoujam, Additional Commissioner; Vinuta, Deputy Commissioner and Sriguru, Assistant Superintending Archaeologist, were also present during the handing over of antiques to the Archaeological Survey of India officials.
The antique items handed over to ASI include Face Mask, the metal mask representing Shiva in the form of Bhuta (demon). It probably belongs to Tulunadu (Coastal Karnataka), Karnataka. The mask’s origin in India has been traced to the pre-historic period.
Another antique was Wooden Horse Rider was probably a part of a wooden chariot or rafter which is traditionally used in the temples of South India, especially in the Kerala region.
Two Wooden Dolls (Toys), these wooden dolls are called Marapachi Bommai and are famous in South India, especially in the region of Triupathi. These dolls are usually in a pair as bride and groom and are displayed in the Golu (The festival display of dolls and figurines in South India during the Navaratri days). Further, these Marapachi dolls are generally made out of red sandalwood which has medicinal quality.
Metal Buddha Image, the upper part of Buddha’s image with broken hands and a missing lower portion. This image embodies the qualities of inner radiance and calmness, depicted with long ears as enlightened and compassionate. Probably Abhay Mudra’s image. (ANI)