The flood situation in Assam has marginally improved but it has damaged homes and household items of various people leaving them to take shelter on embankments.

One of the locals identified as Gagan Talukdar said that he along with his four family members are now taking shelter on an embankment for the last five days after the devastating flood completely damaged his home and other household items.

Gagan is a resident of Doloigaon Shantipur village in Assam’s Bajali district.
Speaking to ANI, he said, “In the wee hours of June 23, I along with my family members were sleeping and at that time, the flood waters breached a big portion of the embankment. The flood waters immediately entered our house and I called my children and alerted other fellow villagers,” he said.

“We immediately rushed to the embankment to save our lives and also asked other villagers. We weren’t able to get out my household items, and stuff. The flood waters washed away many household items and damaged my home. There was about 4 feet of water inside my home,” he added.
He also said that he is a daily wage labourer and his entire family is dependent upon him.
“I have no other option other than building a new house. I have no money. How we will live, we don’t know,” Gagan Talukdar said.
He further said that from the government side, they received relief materials for 1-2 days and some other NGOs helped them.
Not only Gagan Talukdar, the flood waters damaged the houses of 15 other families in the village and they are also currently living on the embankment.
Harin Talukdar, another villager said that the flood waters washed away his goats and damaged his home.
“I am a small businessman doing banana business, but the flood waters washed away all. The entire area has been badly affected by this devastating flood. I have lost everything. I have nothing,” Harin Talukdar said.
Dipa Talukdar, another flood-affected villager said, “When we heard an alert sound about the flood on that night, we just rushed towards the embankment to save our lives. The flood damaged everything. A local youth club helped us and gave us some food, and drinking water.”
“Later, local MLA and Minister Ranjeet Kumar Dass helped us, but it is not sufficient. All houses in this area were damaged due to the flood. We are six members family and my husband is a daily wage labourer. We have now no other option to live. Many villagers are now feeling sick,” Dipa Talukdar said.
Hriday Talukdar, another villager said that the flood had totally damaged his home and he along with his family members are now living on the road.
“If the government will help us, then we can start our life again in a fresh way. I am a daily wage labourer and I can’t build a new house by using my daily wage,” Hriday Talukdar said.
The flood situation in Bajali district and other parts of the state is improving, but nearly 1.56 lakh people in 11 districts are still affected.
According to the flood report of Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), 87232 people have still affected alone in Barpeta district followed by 44617 people in Bajali district, 17086 people in Lakhimpur district, 5909 people affected in Nalbari district.
563 villages under 23 revenue circles and 3801.63 hectares of cropland are still underwater.
48 villages in the Bajali district are currently underwater.
In the last 24 hours, two children drowned in flood waters in Barpeta district taking the death toll to five.
As many as 2,915 flood-affected people are still taking shelter in 29 relief camps in five districts set up by the district administration. (ANI)