Excess nitrogen puts butterflies at risk, researchers affirm

Nitrogen from agriculture, vehicle emissions and industry is endangering butterflies in Switzerland. The element is deposited in the soil via the air and has an impact on vegetation- to the detriment of the butterflies, as researchers at the University of Basel have discovered. In the journal Conservation Biology, the research team reports a connection between this unintentional […]

Memory biomarkers confirm aerobic exercise helps cognitive function in older adults

Until now, systemic biomarkers to measure exercise effects on brain function and that link to relevant metabolic responses were lacking. A recent study shows a memory biomarker, myokine Cathepsin B (CTSB), increased in older adults following a 26-week structured aerobic exercise training. The positive association between CTSB and cognition, and the substantial […]

Study identifies how Covid-19 linked to Alzheimer’s disease-like cognitive impairment

A new Cleveland clinic-led study has identified mechanisms by which COVID-19 can lead to Alzheimer’s disease-like dementia. The findings, published in Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy, indicate an overlap between COVID-19 and brain changes common in Alzheimer’s and may help inform risk management and therapeutic strategies for COVID-19-associated cognitive impairment. Reports of neurological complications in COVID-19 patients and ‘long haulier’ patients whose symptoms persist after the […]

Leaders who listen to employees have more resilient teams, research show

Leaders who encourage their employees to learn on the job and speak up with ideas and suggestions for change have teams that are more effective and resilient in the face of unexpected situations, according to new research from Rice University and the University of Windsor. “A Resource Model of Team Resilience Capacity and Learning” will appear […]

Study shows patient on ketogenic diet living fully with IDH1-mutant glioblastoma

A British man who rejected the standard of care to treat his brain cancer has lived with the typically fatal glioblastoma tumour growing very slowly after adopting a ketogenic diet, providing a case study that researchers say reflects the benefits of using the body’s own metabolism to fight this particularly aggressive cancer instead of chemo […]

Women’s mental health has higher association with dietary factors: Study

Women’s mental health likely has a higher association with dietary factors than men’s, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York. The paper, ‘Customization of Diet May Promote Exercise and Improve Mental Wellbeing in Mature Adults: The Role of Exercise as a Mediator,’ was published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine. […]

Mental health experts experience extreme upsurge in acute grief, bereavement cases

As the devastating second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually subsiding, mental health experts are observing a surge in number of patients putting up with acute “grief or bereavement” after suffering the loss of the loved ones. According to mental health experts, grief or bereavement is a feeling of permanent […]

Global travellers pick up numerous genes that promote microbial resistance

Carried like stowaways in the guts of international travellers, new and potentially deadly strains of antimicrobial-resistant superbugs may be coming to a community near you, suggests new research from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. “Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew that international travel was contributing to the […]