Android 11’s emoji library shows the cute turtle is coming back along with other blobs


Google has made a lot of changes to its emojis over the years, and one of the casualties was a turtle that everyone seemed to love. The turtle was not removed, it was replaced by an upgrade of sorts. This upgrade changed a lot of other emojis too, essentially removing all the ‘blobs’ and making them look more real. However, there seems to be a movement to get the blobs back, and Google is all for it, one turtle at a time.

The new emoji library on Android 11 shows that the much-loved turtle, that was there on Android Nougat (Android 7.1), is coming back. The leaked emoji set on Android 11 has this change buried underneath.

The cute turtle was replaced with a more smug looking one when Android Oreo came in and people were not pleased. Android 11 is bridging back the old design with subtle tweaks and while that means it will not fit in with the rest of the emojis, it does not seem to matter.

Besides the turtle, Google is also bringing back the frog emoji that looks more like the Android Nougat version. This is a part of the redesigned collection of animal emojis that adopt the new design style.