Tuesday, April 20

Zomato founder says Bengaluru incident being probed, helping both victim, delivery boy to find truth


Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal has issued a statement on the Bengaluru incident, in which a delivery boy punched a customer on her face and broke her nose, and said that Zomato is looking at both sides of the incident and helping both the delivery person and the victim.

In a detailed statement, Deepinder Goyal has said, “Our topmost priority has been to get to the truth. Towards that, we are helping both Hitesha and Kamaraj (our delivery partner) with all the support they need while the investigation is pending.”

Deepinder Goyal has said Zomato is covering all medical expenses of the Bengaluru woman while also helping the delivery person with his incomes and legal expenses.

Two days ago, the Bengaluru woman raised a complaint that a Zomato delivery executive had punched her on her face and left her nose with multiple fractures. She has been identified as Hitesha Chandranee, a Bengaluru-based content creator, model and make-up artist. The incident took place on Tuesday in the afternoon when an argument ensued between Hitesha and Kamaraj.



“As per protocol, we have temporarily suspended Kamaraj from active deliveries, but are covering his earnings in the interim while there’s an active police investigation. We are also covering his legal expenses pertaining to the case,” said Goyal.

The Zomato founder further noted that the concerned delivery person has been one of the highest rate delivery executives with over 5,000 deliveries.

Hitesha took to social media to highlight the incident and also told India Today TV that initially after getting punched, she did not feel the impact of the damage it had caused her.

She said, “I was not in a position to understand what happened. After he hit me, I did not know my nose was bleeding. I was on a call with my friend at that time and I just said the guy hit me. When I came inside and looked at the mirror, my shirt, hands had blood on them, this shocked me. I took some time to come out of this shock.”

She also said that Zomato must not make their executives run to multiple places with many orders and expect them to deliver the orders in the given time.