It has been announced that 1249 head constables have been promoted by the Uttarakhand Police. On Friday evening, the list of head constables was released. However, following his promotion, this head constable has now become an additional sub-inspector. Along with this, three thousand constables will also be promoted within a week. From constable, who will become head constable.

On this occasion, DGP Ashok Kumar congratulated all the promoted police personnel. Along with this, he said that while solving the problem of grade-pay of police personnel, the Chief Minister had sanctioned 1750 posts by creating a new post of Additional Sub-Inspector. After this, the departmental selection committee found 1249 head constables eligible for promotion and they were promoted.

However, the morale of police personnel has increased after being promoted to the post of Additional Sub-Inspector. Discussion of cases will now be much easier. Those who got promotion include Civil Police Men – 328, Civil Police Women – 32, Informatics – 58, Armed Police – 377, PAC – 422, MT – 23, Armourer – 07, Mounted – 02.

The department must be informed that due to departmental action, the promotion of 19 personnel has been stopped. 482 Head Constables could not become Additional Sub-Inspectors due to the eligibility of two years service on the post of Head Constable for promotion. Therefore, these posts have remained vacant. The government will grant permission for these posts to be filled as soon as possible.