It is necessary to wear a helmet while driving a two wheeler. And we all know from this fact that there is an invoice for not wearing it. But now there have been changes in the traffic rules which are more strict than before. And now even after having a helmet, your challan can be deducted. Yes, the change made in Section 194-D of the Motor Vehicle Act of the Ministry of Road Transport has been implemented in Uttarakhand as well.

Many times people wear cheap helmets to avoid challan, but now those who do so will have to pay a fine for going to the catch. As per the latest rules, the helmet must be ISI certified. You have to wear the same helmet.

If you do not wear ISI mark helmet, then you may have to pay a fine of one thousand rupees. Apart from this, if you have not tightened the belt holding it to the head despite wearing a helmet, then be careful. Wearing a helmet without a belt can also lead to a fine of one thousand rupees.

On the other hand, now children will have to wear a special helmet and harness belt while traveling on a two-wheeler. If children are being carried on the vehicle, then the vehicle can only drive up to a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. For speeding more than this, a fine of one thousand rupees and license can be suspended for three months.