The Kumbh Mela administration has put cameras with head-count software at the Ganga Ghats, to keep an eye on the crowd.
The cameras will immediately alert the police if the crowd increases beyond the limit.
Inspector General of Kumbh Mela, Sanjay Gunjyal said that the measurement has been taken of the entire 107 Ghats, and accordingly the limit for the number of devotees has been fixed

“The entire measurement of 107 Ganga Ghats has been done, according to which the number of devotees has been fixed. In view of following social distancing, the cameras are installed so that if there is more congestion than the fixed number, we get immediate information,” said Gunjyal.
The police have decided that, in the 107 Ganga Ghats, 1.09 lakh people are allowed at a time, out of which 20,000 devotees will be able to take a holy dip at Har ki Paudi and 10,000 at Subash Ghat.
Earlier, the central government instructed the Uttarakhand government for making the Covid-19 test mandatory for devotees coming for ‘Haridwar Kumbh Mela’, along with other strict standard operating procedures released by it for the mass religious gathering.
The iconic ‘Kumbh Mela’ began in Haridwar on January 15 and is set to conclude on April 27.